Thursday, 22 September 2011

HK and BH Editing Music Video

We were assigned groups, and as luck of the draw the two class media moguls Benjamin Hudson and Harry Knight were picked together as if it were some sort of editing dream team.

We had to upload the footage we shot yesterday to the macs via SD CARD for editing in Final Cut, but first we had to import to iMovie then we could move the file across to the Final Cut.

We had about 17minutes worth of footage to work with, we had this much because we took a lot more shots than we needed when filming trying to get more coverage and this will pay of whilst editing which means we'll have more to work with and hopeful won't have to go out and re shoot.

When editing the video we found that we really didnt have the best quality footage to work with, as we had sloppily filmed it in under an hour, but this proved a challenge and gave us some great hands on experience with using editing software Final Cut, and showed just how much time and effort it takes to edit a Music Video.
Especially how much coverage and variation of shots is required.

What didnt go so well was that we lost about 4 lessons worth of editing work , we learned a lesson the hard way. That to always be saving and backing up your work, we can survive with losing a bit on a class video exercise but can now imagine how much it could affect you and  if you were to lose work when editing your coursework piece the time it would take you to get it all back and this would seriously damage your ability to stick to deadlines and mean you have to put more hours into editing than is needed.

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