Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Shooting The Class Vid

Today we went out shooting for the class video and it was in all honesty a complete disaster.

  • We had no clear plan
  • The tennis courts weren't even up which completely messed up our plans as we could do nothing without any location.
  • Unorganised about mise en scene, people ( including myself) didnt bring in costume.
  • No tennis racquets or balls 
  • No clear objective.
From this we learnt a lesson and we learned that PLANNING IS KEY!

The day after we went out and attempted filming again and we were so much better, we had learnt that hard way and how failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

  • This time, we organised location and got the tennis courts to be put up.
  • Everyone brought the correct costume 
  • Got tennis balls and racquets from the P.E department
  • We had clear goals and delegated roles so people knew what they were meant to be doing.
So the second day of shooting was a world better than the first day but still it wasn't entirely perfect we didn't get enough coverage of certain parts of the video and some shots were shaky as we didn't have the time to set up a tripod for shots, though this was largely as we were so limited for time.

But what we did do in this short space of time was very good and the shooting went well getting most things we needed in under an hour.

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