Monday, 30 January 2012

HK: Linkin Park Digipak

This is the Digipak for the album Reanimation by Linkin Park.

For this digipak they have gone for a cartoon/ animated graphic for there front cover.

The cover has an animated drawing of a robot or transformer type character.
The band logo is written in a large orange font in brackets along the top of the cover.

There is also the album name written in the bottom left corner in a bold black and orange font.

In the inner panels there are more graphics of the transformer character in various different poses.
All photos have similar background just that the actual transformer changes.

The Back

The text on the back of the digipak is quite confusing, it is set out like the standard list of tracks but the text is quite obscure in orange and white fonts.
There is a red banner along the bottom of the digipak, this has a scannable bar code, copyright information and logos of the production company.

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