Tuesday, 13 September 2011

HK: Music Video Deconstruction: Don't Go

Artist: Wretch 32 ft Josh Kumra

Song: Don't Go

Date of Release: 11th July 2011

Length: 4minutes 1 second

Don't go, is the summer song of British rapper Wretch 32 who has featured in hit tunes with other rappers such as Example.

The music video has quite a sad feel to it, the song is about someone who is leaving and that the singer doesn't want them to go.
The shots are quite powerful, featuring many close ups of people looking sad these people looking sad emphasize the mood of the song and how it is meant to be quite a sad and heartfelt.

The video doesnt include any special effects so is a good example of a music video to look at for some one like me, a media student with no budget but it shows that videos can be powerful and effective even when there are no fancy thrills and if you just focus on the emotion and the music that you can end up with a good final product.

It is a performance video that includes lots of lip-syncing shots.

For example the child running with the flag could give a message of freedom and powerful and thought provoking, this could stand for something to do with Black rights as Wretch 32 is a Black artist.

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