Friday, 30 September 2011

My Class Video Pitch

In our class everyone had to pitch there own idea for the class mini vid, and the winning song would be re created and we would have our very own version of that song.

My idea was for the song Tony Christies- Amarillo, this is a well known song and was made famous by a re make by Peter Kay for Comic Relief. 

My plan was to us the same theme as Peter Kay's version as it was very simple and effective and was a great music video. It features one person at the front which I decided that everyone could have a go to make the video more fun for those involved if everyone got the chance to have a go at being the lead.

The video would be a single take video so we wouldn't have to spend lot's of time setting up the camera for a wider range of shot's getting more coverage. Though a lot of Mise En Scene would be required to keep the video interesting or the video would get boring, to keep it interesting and fun I would require people to bring in fancy dress and different costumes, the fancy dress would add the element of humour to the video.

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