Thursday, 19 January 2012

HK: Magazine Advert- Depeche Mode

The first magazine I looked at was for Depeche Mode the advert was for there new album called 'sounds of the universe'
The advert is a full page spread in indie rock magazine 'Q'
Q's target audience would be within 25- 36.

There is a range of fonts used in the advert, different sizes and styles. At the the top of the page is the name of the band but the D and the M are the bands logo so too someone who didn't know this they could've thought it only said 'epeche ode'

Underneath this in the very centre infront of the plain grey background is a graphic that is eye catching and features through a range of depeche mode products, so to a fan this is very iconic and easily identifiable to the band.

Below this is the album name this is in a different font , this is in arial bold white font, there is no use of capital letter here which gives a more stylish look to the text.

There is information in a very plain black more serif font where contrasting to the sounds of the universe this text is written entirely in capital this is information on what formats you there album is available on sch a CD, DVD, vinyl, box set and to download.

Though this seems to be just advertising the new album there is also information on tour dates and how to get tickets and where from.
At the very bottom is the address of two website, an adress of the bands website and of the record company

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