Tuesday, 6 December 2011

HK: Hanzel und Gretyl - SS Deathstar Supergalactik

Artist: Hanzel Und Gretyl
Song: SS Deathstar Supergalactik
Year: 2003
Genre: Industrial Metal
Audience: 15 - 24
Director: Nasty Byte

This video is a purely performance based video. The location of the video is straight away apparent as you can tell from the medium opening shot that the video is filmed on stage.
The woman in the shot is wearing what looks to be dark leather and covering alot of skin, usually in music video a woman would be wearing more revealling outfits to bring in a male gaze though there is no anchorage here for the women to be coming across in an attractive way.
She is playing the guitar with it being very low slung down by her knee's and is headbanging to the beat of the song.
The video then cuts to a shot at 0.10 of 3 band members and microphones we are given definate anchorage at this point that the video is set on stage though this shot still doesnt show any of the band's faces as the womens hair is blocking our view from the side.
There is a shot of the drummer but there is no lighting focused on him and you cannot see any of his features just a slight silloute.
At 0.23 there is the first proper shot of the man on stage doing a salute the man is dressed in clothes similar to that worn by Nazi Youth or German schoolchildren during the war he is also wearing goggles that block out is eyes and give him a more powerful, more surreal look.
At 0.29 a low angle medium long shot zooms into just the guitar being played cropping out the woman's face and it just focusing on the strings being strum. Text and images start to flash from the screen behind but we cant see what the images are due to the multiple layering effect being used, creating narrative enigma, lacking anchorage.
At 1:45 there is a low angle shot looking up at the female singer making her look bigger and more powerful. This is again given anchorage by putting a close up on her whilst she is singing showing her feirce facial expressions and is not trying to look attractive or girly at all.
Panning and zooming from one band member to another starts and has an amateur camerwork effect.
At 2:30 as the song slows down there is longer shots and less shot variation focusing on the woman speaking where there is alot of bright lighting shone one her face gives an aspect of  a dreamworld, losing verasimilatude
When the song kicks back again we finally get a shot of the drummers face. Behind the stage after this at 3.30  the bands name and text keeps flashing in a brainwashing kind of manner.

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