Tuesday, 6 December 2011

HK: Illuminati In Music Video

The idea of the Illuminati is very similiar to the theme we are potraying in our idea that like the Illuminati, media and technology are also all knowing and all powerful.

Illuminati symbolism appears in so many places and we don't even realise. On the tv, on the street and even the American dollar bill!

But music video is a format of media that gets a large amount of speculation over illuminati references. Which symbolism appearing (debatabley) in huge artists like Rihanna, Jay Z and Lady Gaga.

The subliminal messages cause an outcry online with people spamming the YouTube comments sections and forums online creating  moral panic and a whole range of conspiracy theories, and without them knowing they have actually just become a secondary audience for the video's.

So adding these subtle references can create such a large hype to your video and after all any publicity is good publicity.

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