Tuesday, 6 December 2011

HK: Pyscolon Nine - Parasitic

Artist: Pyscolon Nine
Track: Parasitic
Director: Richard Thomas
Year: 2008
Audience: 15 - 24
Genre: Industrial Metal

Straight away we see that a green lighting effect is being used, but the opening lacks anchorage we don't know where we are or who or what the figure is.
A juttering effect starts as the character walks down this tunnel looking place.
Cross-cutting between to another shot which we have no idea what's in the shot the only thing we recognise is that the shot has an orange lighting effect to it. The realism is lost and it is apparent that realism isn't the editing effect meant for this video as the character walking down the pathway goes cuts backwards rather than forwards losing the real-time verasimilatude of the video.
The low angle panning shot at 0:20 gives us a better idea of what the earlier orange shot was but we don't get that much and there is still narrative enigma as all we can see is a black silloute with an instrument, the low angle also making the character look scarier and there is an element of horror.
At 0:22 there is a zoom onto a bottle that looks like it could be either alcohol or poison, though the rotten apple next to it could be an inter textual reference to the poisoned apple from the tale Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.
At 0:26 there is a high angle Dutch angle looking down upon a man in hooded robes surrounded by candles, this looks like dark magic, it his here that colouring effects become a large part with it flashing negative and the same shot but different colours. There is a juttering camera effect at 0:31.
At 1:05 we get more idea of where the location for the performance footage is from it is set in a run down/ trashed flat.
The lip-syncing starts at 1:44 and stays with this shot for a long time though the shot is kept alive by the lighting effects flashing upon the person lip-syncing.
There is use of multiple layering effects at 2.27.
We get anchorage at 4.05 and 3 of the features of the video link together, the character from the very beginning, the man in the robe and the bottle. We get anchorage that the bottle was poison through the singer   mimicking dieing.
The combination of the hyper fast editing and the strobe lights give a visceral response reaction to the audience with it hurting your eyes and making you feel uncomfortable.

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