Tuesday, 6 December 2011

HK: Deathstars - Cyanide

Artist: Deathstars
Track: Cyanide
Year: 2006
Genre: Industrial Metal
Audience: 15 - 24

Deathstars are a Swedish Industrial/ Gothic Metal band.
The video for this song is a mixture of performance and narrative with the video cross cutting between shots of the band and of a physco hospital.

The opening of the video has alot of narrative enigma, we dont really see the location no establishing shot is used to give the audience anchorage nor do we see any of the characters faces fully. The decaying, grotty tap head shows the band's resistance to modern technology which is someone ironic as the production of the music for industrial metal requires highly technological software to create.
It is apparent that a green filter has been used for the editing and with the silloute of the hand reaching out it is clear that the video has an aspect of horror.
There is juxtoposition of what looks to be ranked soldiers but in a church, multiple layering is used here
The shot of the guitarist shows the clothing codes of this genre, dark clothing dreadlocks and a wristband is worn by him whilst he plays his low slung guitar and he drops the guitar down to the beat of the song and a juttering effect is used this is not naturalistic editing.
at 0:21 the editing really begins to pick up pace crosscutting between shots of a needle, bare legs in a wheelchair and a lab rat this lacks anchorage and maintains polysemic which could connote that the female is the lab rat.
At 0:27 We see the guitarist again where his face is out of focus still keeping narrative enigma, after this at 0.30 seconds there is a centre of focus shot where only his face and a small area of the drumkit are in focus, we see that he is wearing a black eyeshadow which contrasts with his pale face also he is wearing contact lenses to keep the horror theme running. At 0.35 the lead singer slowly rises up  just revealing his head and smoke effects are used.
There is a drum beat shot that pans to the beat, panning left on one beat stopping on another then panning right on the third beat.
At 0.48 multiple layering similiar to the japanese horror film The Ring.
by 1.02 We the narrative enigma is finally revealed and we see that the people pushing the wheelchair are in fact band members.
The singer is using a old microphone again showing resistance to technology.
1.59 the army crowd are now involved in the lipsyncing and the singers body language starts to get aggresive.
An eye reflection effect is used this could either be done whilst filming or editing.
at 3.29 an effect is used where fire appears in the band members eyes whilst the lyrics go 'fire in the eyes'
The song finishes with an abstract ending of a beating heart could be signifying that the heart is still beating and that there is more to come.

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