Monday, 30 April 2012

HK: Creating The Digipak

I created my digipak in the software Adobe photoshop, this was a goodsoftware to use as I could use different image and text effects.

Firstly I used a shot that we had used in the music video, the shot of the the warehouse, i printscreened this fromthe video footage as a JPEG and imported it into photoshop after this I adjusted the levels of the colour to add a darker black and white effect to thephoto.
I again took a printscreen from our video, this was a printscreen of anilluminati eye, i used multiple layering and a blending modes and changed theopacity to blend the eye to look like it was on the wall.

I made a NIN logo, using shape tools and the text tool, then added a filtereffect. and put this in the black space at the bottom aswell as the Album name'Lights in the sky' and 'Nine Inch Nails'
I used a small gold font for the artistname, but most our of audience would recognise the NIN logo.
For the rear of the digipak I used the same image as the front but zoomedin as this is common to have correlation between the front and rear panels.
All i needed to do was just adjust the size of the two images by freetransforming the image then dragging the corners until the size was
I added a black rectangle at the bottom of the page to include company logo's,copyright information, barcode, social media # and @ which I imported the facebook and twitter icons.
I used a white font to stand out for the background to include the set list ofthe album.

I edited the inner panels again by using blend modes and adjust the lightinglevels of the image and zooming and cropping in to create a nice effect where the two images were linked but still different.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

HK: Role of Audience Feedback

Audience feedback is of paramount importance and absolutlet vital when creating a product, gaining feedback is the best way to refine your product so that its fit to the audience. It gives an honest opinion of what works and what doesn't and this is incredibly helpful to get different perspectives on your products because sometimes when youre making the product you don't notice its flaws and what you need is for someone to just say No that isn't working.

We have taken feedback from a wide range of people over the past few months which has led to doing more and more drafts until eventually we got our polished final pieces.
For example the video is so different to how we ever imagined and this is through changing it to fit the audiences comments like when they didn't understand what was going on in the video, we made the narrative easier to follow.

There were many different ways we gathered feedback, one being showcasing our work to a class full of media students who were also making a music video so knew the codes and conventions and were able to offer us a very critical response to our products. This was perhaps the best way to get feedback because we managed to get alot of valid feedback in a short space of time as the footage was showed to the whole class.
We got feedback from our teacher who offered a very critical and proffesional approach and had the media knowledge to determine what was working and what wasn't.
It was also good to get feedback from people who didn't know much about media and offered a basic review of the products and what they didn't like or did like.

We used social sites like Facebook and Twitter to gather feedback online from Nine Inch Nails fans and also we posted our work on a Nine Inch Nails fan site forum. This was great because we got good feedback from people who were in our target audience.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Evaluation Question 1

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge form and conventions of real media products?