Thursday, 26 January 2012

HK: Digipak Research Evaluation

From the examples of Digipaks I have looked at you can see they are all of a similar sort of format though there are some difference between genre's as I have looked of examples from a range of genres and have also looked at digipaks for the metal/ industrial metal genre and seen different codes and conventions between them.

Cover Image/Background
They usually have a cover photo which is known as the albumn artwork, sometimes this is just a plain image of the band for example the ignacio fernadez example I looked at, or can be a slighty more obscure cover image that is edited like the 18 till I die album.
Though for examples of the metal/industrial genre I looked at were all more minimal and didn't have a glossy, eye catching cover photo but seemed to have colours like greys and browns for the AC/ DC and Dragon Tatoo examples these were just textured backgrounds which was very opposite to Ignacio Fernandez which had a very vibrant, clear and colourful photograph as its cover image.

On the Front typically includes text saying the album and artist name.
In a very large font that takes stands out from the rest of the cover.
The band logo is usually included on the front cover this is seen largely in NIN digipaks with the NIN logo taking a large focus on the cover usually positioned in the middle of the cover this is the case with the nine inch nails album WITH_TEETH.

The front often includes stickers which are eye catching and usually give a brief idea of what's on the CD for example 'includes number 1 single Metal'
The sticker was a large focus on the AC/DC Back In Black album as the sticker in the bottom right of this cover almost took up a quarter of the front cover. The use of stickers was also included on the cover for Jack Johnson's album.
Which had a shiny 'Special Edition' sticker and a plain black oval shape that looks like a sticker but has actually been printed on the cover rather than a separate layer stuck on.

Inner Panels

A reacurrent feature I saw for the inner covers was the use of photographs of the band, this was seen in the AC/DC back in black album and also a digipak for Take That, these both included photographs of the band.

They sometimes have some sort of connection to the image on the front cover this was shown in the NIN Pretty Hate Machine album, as the image on the inner panel was actually the same image as the front cover just edited differently and changed from a CU to an ECU.

Back On the back I found from research that there is often correlation between the image on the front and on the back, like the photo on the front would be shot front on and the image on the back would be shot from behind.
This was on pretty hate machine, the cover photo just edited differently.

On the back of every Digipak I looked at is text information on the tracks, also sometimes includes the length of tracks, though for Dragon Tatoo there was no information on what tracks there were inside but for
Ignacio Fernandez it had information on the tracks and how long they were.

The backs always included copyright information, company logos/idents and usually the URL of two websites; The artists official website and the production company's website.
Something that every single Digipak shared was that they all had bar codes located on the back.

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