Thursday, 14 July 2011

Editing The Mini Vid

During class time working in a group with Melodie Abraham and Emily Moore, I had my first proper experience with final cut editing the Mini Vid footage, what we found was that we had got some good footage and our concept worked but we just quite simply did not have enough.

We have plans to re shoot the whole of the mini vid which comes as quite a blow having to re do all our hard work but the experience with our original footage isn't entirely wasted as it has given the group learning points on which to improve on and what we need to do for next time, such as filming ALOT more shot variation which is key for this task and also we got valuable experience working with final cut

Music Video Day

On the 12th of July it was time for the IGS Media Studies department staff and students to don their blonde wigs and best Britney Impressions as it was the prestigious event known as MUSIC VIDEO DAY!

The two classes joined up for this one as it was all hands on deck to produce a remake of Britney Spears classic, Hit Me Baby One More Time.

With there being a total of 162 shots and just one day to film in we had our work cut out, we split into 4 groups, Classroom, Corridor, Gym and Carpark and all got each section done.

I was in the classroom group and found music video day a great insight into producing a music video and how much work it is just to create such a short production with it taking a great deal of organisation with call sheets and even creating dance routines.

The HD Camera and Final Cut

This year we have the opportunity to be working with new equipment and software such as the HD Camera's and editing software final cut.
The HD cameras give a tremendous advantage to the look of media projects the high definition enables a much sharper picture quality and the wide angle lens allows for more to be in shot without the need of zooming out or having to stand further back.

Final Cut

We use a completely different editing software in A2 than we did for our AS level productions, Final Cut a much more advanced software that is used by professionals around the world such as the Coen brothers who are pretty much using the same techniques as us to create there films, HD cameras and then edited on a iMac.
 After having a induction to using Final Cut I found that there was so much more you could do as oppose to iMovie, it enables you to have multiple video layers and a large array of effects can be used.

Mini Vid

We were given the task to create a 30 second mini music video, the track we were given was One Step Beyond, by late 70's hit The Madness.

The song was quite qwerky so we thought we needed to go for a qwerky video also to go with this. We had the idea of someone running and gradually more people join in and start running and dancing with this person, people stopping what they were doing and joining the mob, such as a man sat on a bench reading his paper then throwing the paper down and joining in with the crowd.

For the opening where theres dialogue saying ' One Step Beyonddddddd' we snapped up a local cheerful big issue seller who's personality and clothing was perfect for this video.

On set was Kyle Meeson, Asa Newmarch and myself, we go some good footage but ultimately we didnt get enough so may have to be re shooting.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Shooting our first music video!

First post on my new blog about music videos, the task this year is to create our own music video.

 'music video or song video is a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes'

There are millions of music videos out there all unique and have the power to spark revolt and to inspire others through the synergy of the music and the moving images together.