Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mini Vid

We were given the task to create a 30 second mini music video, the track we were given was One Step Beyond, by late 70's hit The Madness.

The song was quite qwerky so we thought we needed to go for a qwerky video also to go with this. We had the idea of someone running and gradually more people join in and start running and dancing with this person, people stopping what they were doing and joining the mob, such as a man sat on a bench reading his paper then throwing the paper down and joining in with the crowd.

For the opening where theres dialogue saying ' One Step Beyonddddddd' we snapped up a local cheerful big issue seller who's personality and clothing was perfect for this video.

On set was Kyle Meeson, Asa Newmarch and myself, we go some good footage but ultimately we didnt get enough so may have to be re shooting.

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