Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Music Video Deconstruction: Pixie Lott

Artist: Pixie Lott
Title: All About Tonight
Year: 2011
Genre: Pop
Audience: 12 - 24

Pixie Lotts video for this is a performance and narrative video, it features the singer dancing and singer to the song and getting ready and going out for the night.

Mise En Scene
The Mise En Scene in this video highlights Pixie Lott's attractiveness and singling her out to be the centre of focus and attention.
She is wearing really short black shorts which show alot of her body and bum from behind, this adds an element of male gaze which is a common convention in music video's as it attracts males to the video and also gives girls something to aspire to and they want to look like her.

The men in the video are wearing futuristic clothing which you would never see any one wearing out, this makes the video seem more high budget and also timeless.

The audience for pop music is quite large as all ages tend to enjoy it but mostly youth generation. When I think of pop music a standard audience that would spring to mind would be young girls. This is why the video is very clean and hasnt got many rude or suggestive parts in it or drugs or sex references as they know that it will be watched by a younger audience.

There is use of two video layers in the opening sequence featuring a ECU of Pixie Lott's eyes and a Birdseye view over an American city, This effect works and looks slick and is definatley something that would be worth including when I make my own video as it can be easily done on Final Cut.

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