Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Music Videos were made to for TV and Tv's must control whats they are showing and making sure that it is appropriate to air.

MTV's views on censorship have been in debate for years with people thinking that they are too politically correct and have been known for some very petty edits for example in Jamaican rapper's Sean Kingston's song  'Beautiful Girl's' the word 'suicidal' was changed to 'in denial'

Usually if a video is even still explicit after being edited it will only be shown late an night after the watershed (9pm)  but even some track's such as Maddona's 'Erotica' could only be played after midnight.

Madonna has 4 video's banned on MTV usually due to there sexual themes, though the video that caused most controversy for her was the video for Like A Prayer in which crosses are burned, this caused out rage with religious fundamentalists and the video was banned and let to the pope even banning Pepsi from The Vatican because of its use on the pepsi advert.

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