Friday, 21 October 2011

HK: Representation of Women in Music Video

The representation of women in music videos has always been very stereotypical, seeing women being on the stage for one reason and one reason only and that is to just look good.
Often wearing little clothing and dancing provocatively this is called the ' Male Gaze'.

This theory was made by Laura Mulvey and is seen throughout many forms of media, but especially in music video.

From just watching the music videos you often see women in music videos with no real purpose other than for the mens viewing pleasure but these are especially shown in Genres such as Pop and R 'N ' B.

In this day and age where looks seem to be just as important the boundaries of what is acceptable having drastically changed.

Looking at contrervisial artists such as Lady Gaga and Madonna, it is hard to sometimes see how there videos are allowed to be shown and are verging on X rated content.
Women in music videos bring in more audience and really prove the theory that sex does infact sell.

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