Wednesday, 19 October 2011

HK: The Group

The groups have been decided for our coursework and the birth of [ Insert group name ] was here
consisting of its 3 founding fathers Ben Hudson, Kyle Meeson and Harry Knight.

We decided to go for Ben's track as myself and Kyle both liked the concept of his pitch, though i cant say i'm the biggest fan of 9 inch nails but I decided to work on this track because I liked the idea for the video, and thats what this coursework is about. Creating a good music video.

Harry Knight

Age: 17 
Nickname: HK
Main Attribute: Cinematic Genius
Hobbies: Making Music Videos!
Idol: Brendan Sheerin
Favourite Artist: Example
Faviourite Food: Calimari and Mussels by the sea!
Favourite Film: Step Brothers
Favourite TV Show: Coach Trip
Subjects Taken: ICT, Media, Sociology.

Name: Ben Hudson
Nickname: BH
Main Attribute: Visionary
Hobbies: Skyrim
Idol: Trent Reznor
Favourite Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Faviourite Food: Curry
Favourite Film: Pasta
Favourite TV Show: The Wire
Subjects Taken: Media, English and Theatre

Name: Kyle Meeson
Nickname: 'Tooone'
Main Attribute: Sleeping
Hobbies: Sleeping
Idol: The Rev
Favourite Artist: Avenge Seven Fold
Faviourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Film: Inception
Favourite TV Show: Mitchell and Webb
Subjects Taken: English, Physcology  and Media

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  1. some brevity is fine harry, but this isn't really the right tone
    i want to read about the distinct roles/interests/knowledge bases within the group, not that hk is the 'don'


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