Sunday, 4 December 2011

HK: Evaluation of Research

After looking at a large range of industrial metal tracks i have begun to see the codes and conventions that seem to be common in the video's for this Genre.

Lighting, Usually the lighting in the video is very dark or even in just black and white also the use of a coloured tint is common, featuring a blue tint in Rob Zombie- Living Dead Girl. A green tint is used in the video for Parasite by Pyscolon Nine and a slight green effect in Deathstars - Cyanide.

Mise En Scene-
The mise on scene for the bands is a cross between Punk and Gothic, usually dark, black clothes which is a clothing convention of most heavy metal and gothic bands which has been with the genre since early pioneers of the metal genre such as Metallica and Megadeath.
Theres influences of army uniform lots of leather and lots of black and usually the band members come across quite scary and hardcore.

Goodwins Theory - The video's are mostly a mixture of concept and performance. Though there are few shots of the band all together the shots are focusing on specific areas of the band such as the drumset or person playing guitar without showing there face.
A common occurence was that in most of the videos especially Deathstars - Cyanide and Oomph- Augen Auf they have a lot of emphasis and attention towards the frontman of the band, giving them a different, more striking appereance and given them alot more camera time and focus than other band members.

Location- For the performance aspects of the videos the band is often underground or in an abandoned location such as warehouse sort of building or car park like Ramnstein's video for Kein Lust.

Women- There is no large focus on male gaze in the videos I looked at except from the two women in Ramnstein's Kein Lust.
But all others didn't have any women dancing around in little clothing and there is very little glitz or glamour in industrial metal video's no gold bling or blacked out range rovers.

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