Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Music Video Deconstruction: Take Me Back

Artist: Tinchy Stryder ft Taio Cruz

Song: Take Me Back

Date of Release: Dec 2nd 2008

This is a music video from British rappers Tinchy Stryder and Taio Cruz featured on Tinchy Stryders first album Catch 22 and went to 3 in the UK charts.

The video features many conventions of rap and that is of the bling, cars and women. Tinchy Stryder is wearing a large chain around his neck signifying the wealth that he has and like all rappers they like to show off, theres a Range Rover included which is a sign of just how 'G' Rich, and cool these stars are.
They wear designer sunglasses throughout the video despite being indoors which i don't particulally understand but this does give them a look of being a 'Celebrity' and as the line goes ' Designer Shades just to hide your face because you probably think that you're cooler than me' This is probably what they were intending to look cooler than you.
The women in this featured are there for no other reason than to look at and a definate male gaze at these attractive women dancing in few clothes. These all are prime conventions of rap videos things that are totally unnecessary but in there just to show off.

The video has a black and white effect this has a glamorous effect emphasizing how successful these singers and the lavish lifestyle they lead.

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