Thursday, 14 July 2011

Music Video Day

On the 12th of July it was time for the IGS Media Studies department staff and students to don their blonde wigs and best Britney Impressions as it was the prestigious event known as MUSIC VIDEO DAY!

The two classes joined up for this one as it was all hands on deck to produce a remake of Britney Spears classic, Hit Me Baby One More Time.

With there being a total of 162 shots and just one day to film in we had our work cut out, we split into 4 groups, Classroom, Corridor, Gym and Carpark and all got each section done.

I was in the classroom group and found music video day a great insight into producing a music video and how much work it is just to create such a short production with it taking a great deal of organisation with call sheets and even creating dance routines.

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