Thursday, 14 July 2011

The HD Camera and Final Cut

This year we have the opportunity to be working with new equipment and software such as the HD Camera's and editing software final cut.
The HD cameras give a tremendous advantage to the look of media projects the high definition enables a much sharper picture quality and the wide angle lens allows for more to be in shot without the need of zooming out or having to stand further back.

Final Cut

We use a completely different editing software in A2 than we did for our AS level productions, Final Cut a much more advanced software that is used by professionals around the world such as the Coen brothers who are pretty much using the same techniques as us to create there films, HD cameras and then edited on a iMac.
 After having a induction to using Final Cut I found that there was so much more you could do as oppose to iMovie, it enables you to have multiple video layers and a large array of effects can be used.

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