Monday, 30 January 2012

HK: Rythmns Del Mundo Digipak

This is the digipak of the a cuban jazz assortment band.

The cover image is very eye catching anf stands out against the textured cream background.
The colours and the brightness of the cover image really reflect the type of music and culture this digipak would be linked to.

The digipak doesnt have any stickers on the front but does have a list of what artists it does feature which does the same thing, advertising whats inside.

The inner has a background of a cuban building then on top of this is another layer, this layered effect could be created on the software Adobe Photoshop which we have at school.
There is a sign/banner saying 'Rythms Del Mundo'

At the bottom of the inner panel is a quote about climate change in a purple font.

The back has the albumn name written across the top largely.
Underneath this is who it's by and there is a a track list going numerically down from 1- 15 saying both the track and the artist as this is a compilation CD/
The graphic thats seen on the front is again showed on the back.
Below this is 3 logo's, one of the record label and two of the charity of which money is being donated too.
There is information on how some of the money raised from the CD will go to charity in a small black font.

Below this at the very bottom of the Digipak is copyright information on the CD.

In the bottom right of the back cover is a scannable bar code.

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