Thursday, 26 January 2012

HK: Nine Inch Nails Digipak

This is the digipak for the  digitally remastered gift edition of Nine Inch Nails album 'Pretty Hate Machine'


The front cover has an image that has been edited to add more effect to the image, though it is hard to work out what the image actually is on the front cover but it is and ECU focusing on what looks like some sort of metal object which is common in industrial metal videos to include random shots of miscellaneous objects.
Over the image is a black banner that has the artist name and the name of the album.

One of the panels has a dark background image which again can't make out what it is but in the centre of this panel is the iconic NIN logo.
The CD and the right panel are linked to the front cover they have the cover image but further zoomed in and the cd is the ECU very zoomed in but edited and a different colour effect has been added.

The back of the digipak has information of the tracks on the album, a scannable bar code, some information on copyright disclaimers.
The company logo's of the record company and the production company

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  1. You note the relationship between outer + inner panels here, and should do so (+ that of front/back outer panel) for every example
    Think more about fonts too - standardised or variation? Be specific when denoting (describing this). Consider size + framing of text too, key aspects you have to think about for your own designs
    Is there anything to denote that this is the 'digitally remastered gift edition'? Anything other than remastering which marks it out from the standard release?
    You might find it easier to compile a summary of conventions if you stick to a bulleted list of what you observe in each (maybe put analysis in brackets)


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