Wednesday, 28 September 2011

HK Music Video Deconstruction: Professor Green

Artist: Professor Green ft Emile Sande
Track: Read All About It
Year: 2011
Genre: Rap
Audience: 15 - 24

The video for Professor Greens ' Read All About It' is a mixture between narrative and performance, the video cross cutting between shots of the duo singing and of a boy looking for his dad.

One of the opening shots shows a small boy outside looking in at ahappy familys warm home. The boy is wearing a black hoody with the hood up this shows that he doesn't want to be seen as black blends in with the dark setting.

At  0.09 setting the location and lighting is very important in this video, Professor Green is in an empty aircraft hangar and the crack of the door is the only place light is coming in shining the light on to professor green making him to look important and the good guy. 


Use of the 180 degree rule is used for when the mother notices the boy out side and then cuts to a shot of him looking at her from outside.

The use of a low angle shot looking up at the man shows the importance of the man to the boy, signifying that the boy looks up to the man.

The audience for this would manly be teenagers as that would be age of the people who mostly listen to PG's 

music, though Emile Sande would have a older fan base.
This video isnt really showing conventions of rap music video's the video isnt glamorous at all and different to most videos from its genre. 

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  1. Still a lot to catch up on Harry, and we've discussed this a few times now. Time to think about priorities!
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