Thursday, 13 October 2011

Music Video Deconstruction: Cash In My Pocket

Artist: Wiley
Track: Cash In My Pocket
Year: 2008
Genre: Grime/ Alternative Hip Hop

Wiley - Cash In My Pocket - HD from N.K. on Vimeo.

This video is concept but has people miming to it so also has a performance aspect to it.

The son features an entire office miming to the song, and is a great video to watch in the eyes of a media student as it proves that high budgets aren't required when you have good ideas or imagination.

It is whats known as a Lip Syncing video, these are the kind of video's that I took inspiration from for my coursework pitch for Hall & Oates.
There is no shot variation as it is a single take video.

The Location the video is based in is a london office you can tell that the video is in London at the start when there is some opening dialogue in the car you can see shots of iconic London buildings such as the gherkin.

The dialouge between the two men show represent the class of the charachters in the offices, the men speak with southern accents which usually signify's them to be rich. They are talking down upon the people out side the car and saying '' oh should I throw him some money at him"  here we really know that these characters are snobbish.

Mise En Scene is a big factor in the video, as it is filmed in an office all the people involved are wearing smart office wear and sharp suits and the women are wearing these outfits in a secretarial way which adds a certain element of male gaze.
Suits and expensive clothing worn in the feature is a symbolism for success and the video features bits of narrative for example when the line ' do it like ronson' a woman flashes her top which says Mark Ronson on it.

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