Thursday, 26 January 2012

KM - Research Into Magazine Advertisements

Example of magazine advert
To prepare for creating our own magazine advert for our Nine Inch Nails digipak, I've been looking at several examples already found in magazines, the main one being Kerrang, due to the fact that this magazine features rock/metal bands and is aimed at the same audience that we are trying to reach with our digipak. One common feature that I found is the combination of tour dates with the advertisement of the album release, which is something that we are going to include with our advert, also mentioning singles that are included on the album, DVD bonus features, a large background image (usually of the band members or something abstract). Another magazine that we thought might be appropriate for Nine Inch Nails to advertise in is Q magazine, this is because the band have appeared in the magazine previously, and have also appeared recently in a tribute CD, made by the magazine, to the band U2.

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