Monday, 6 February 2012

HK BH: Feedback - MagAd and Sample Footage 2

Mag Ad:

  • The Mag Ad feedback received was that it was overall very good. However elements such as the font used seemed unusual and not as varied as it could be.
  • Replace the URL's with just icons- they're generally familiar with everyone.
  • Good enigma / lack of exposition- it looks obscure and in keeping with the Nine Inch Nails 'tone'.
  • The beware CCTV looks good and fits.
  • Framing of the candle seems to be good- fits with theme of the genre
  • Some of the blending between images (the solid lines between them)

Sample Footage(two):

So now we've got a second rough cut done,  with some of our new footage including our new character and locations we wanted to gain some feedback on this so we showed it to everyone in class and also
 posted the clip on an official Nine Inch Nails forum. We were lucky enough to get feedback from a forum administrator who fit into our secondary audience a 25 - 34 year old existing Nine Inch Nails fan. This was great to get feedback by someone who really new the genre and especially Nine Inch Nails.

  • The special effects worked
  • pace was good
  • good variation of shots
  • Some shots are on screen too long & are too jarring/ don't mesh well with the editing style.
  • Maybe even more enigma!
  • More could be done with the fire extinguisher (loop to beat?)
  • Shots of just the protagonists eyes would still maintain the enigma, or extreme close-ups.
  • Frames slipping would add to the damaged video effect. 

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