Tuesday, 15 November 2011

HK: Production Company

We decided on the name HBK Productions as it a mixture of our initials Harry, Ben and Kyle and also taking inspiration from member of the 'big 4' in the music industry 'EMI'

It is the productions company's job to oversee and manage the production of the video, marketing and the digipak.

I created a logo for HBK Productions so that our company can be recognised and have its own ident, the main image is of a Vinyl record, this straight away shows that we are a music company, also the ransome note font for 'Productions' is similar to the Sex Pistols album ' Never Mind The Bollocks' this is providing a bit of intertextuality and will appeal to our target audience, whilst the HBK font is quite modern and cutting edge this shows that we work with both old bands and new.

 I also created HBK Productions its own Twitter page, this way fans of our music videos can follow us from around the world and have the latest updates on what we are doing, links to our behind the scenes production video's and merchandise.

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