Monday, 14 November 2011

HK: Target Audience

After researching alot into the industrial metal genre we could see what the target audience was.
Audience is usually divided into age, gender and social class, it is very important when creating a product to get a good understanding of the audience, and what codes and conventions they would be looking for.
 So once you get a better understanding of your audience you know what to include in your product and what will appeal to them.
We found that after research into the genre it was alot more popular amongst males than females, this is largely down to the fact that industrial metal genre is infact just a sub genre of the larger Metal genre which is usually affiliated with a more male audience because of the live performances and gigs being very heavy and full of people jumping around, head banging and moshing and very testosterone fuelled, things can get quite physical with mosh pits and walls of death which most femine women would not like to participate in this is very different to genres like Pop which have a higher female fanbase.

Our primary audience is males in the 15 - 24 age bracket as we are trying to re brand the Nine Inch Nails we wanted to appeal to a younger audience.
For this audience for the magazine advert we would plan to advertise in music magazine 'Kerrang!' This magazine is aimed at our core target audience

Our secondary audience were again males but this time in an older age bracket 25 - 34. This age category would be the ages of existing NIN fans who were fans of the band in the 90's but they have aged since then from being in 15- 24 now to the later age category. We are trying to look to create a product that also appeals to existing fans ( our secondary audience ) as well as the younger audience who arent necessarily existing NIN fans. For the magazine advert we would advertise in the magazine 'Q' as this magazine has the same audience as us.

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